Hydro-Thermal Hot water System

Turn up the Temperature on your Business with a New Hot Water System

Aug 24, 2021

If you know what a hot water system is then you understand the critical function they serve for treating water and sanitation. For those of you who don’t understand the purpose of a hot water system, this blog may not be for you or your business. But don’t stop reading yet, we’ll provide a little background so you can determine whether or not the next two minutes of reading was worth it. 


A little background for you, these hot water systems precisely inject steam into pretreated water through a patented diffuser system from Hydro-Thermal. This design assures precise steam control and produces predictable results. Like a sink full of dirty dishes, the hot water breaks up the gunk in pre-treated water at temperatures ranging from 180-200℉. Basically, the pretreated water enters into a diffuser which is directly plumbed into the process piping. Water enters the inlet flowing past the steam diffuser. Steam enters the inlet and then is injected into the water stream. An actuator controlled by the downstream temperature garage modulates the necessary about of steam needed to reach the hot water set-point temp. The turbulent nature of this high-velocity discharge enables steam to instantaneously disperse and efficiently produce uniform heating.

These systems are ideal for washing stations where maintaining a minimum temperature is critical, CIP (Clean In Place Systems), and anywhere that you need reliable hot water now. High-velocity steam eliminates scale build-up, making costly chemical baths and unexpected shutdowns a thing of the past.


  • On-demand hot water at precise temperature – accurately meet set-point temperatures at variable flow rates.
  • No energy loss – 100% of the steam’s heating energy is absorbed by the water, dramatically reducing energy costs.
  • Worry-free operation – avoid unscheduled shutdowns; self-cleaning patented design, no scaling or fouling.
  • Small footprint – small, compact design with easy installation.
  • Positive return on investment (ROI) – unbeatable energy savings!

Are you hooked yet?

Now, why does it matter? As listed in our Hot Water System brochure: “Hard water issues, loss of production, plant shutdowns and damage to your reputation are just a few consequences of not having water at critical temperatures exactly when you need it.” So, if your business depends on having hot water at precise temperatures and at specific flow rates, we have some solutions that are made to fit your business. 

We choose to supply Hydro-Thermal steam systems to our customers. Steam injection heating systems deliver better temperature control, simple design to prevent downtime, more value with 100% energy-efficient heat resulting in energy cost savings, the compact design uses minimal space and a 100% guarantee so you have 100% peace of mind.  One of the systems Manchester Group uses is The EZ Heater Skid System, Hydro-Thermal’s specialized system, mixes steam and process liquids while delivering consistent temperature and instantaneous heating. This integrated, compact, pre-engineered system utilizes direct steam technology. 

One size fits all is not a thing. While most of our customers require a fully-featured hot water system package to maximize safety and run time, we understand that some businesses prefer or require more manual systems at a lower price point. We’re here to help you navigate those preferences with custom packages that fit your needs and budget. Manchester Group carries all the components needed for the system that you choose including five standard sizes with ratings to 1,350 GMP (306 m/hr for our metric friends), pre-designed and stocked for a short lead time so you can minimize your downtime even before the system is installed. 

Hot water is a crucial part of keeping businesses safe and operating. If you’re in need of a new system or want to talk about upgrading, reach out

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