BMW Mexico Plant

Three Unforgettable Customers and Their Projects

It’s not easy picking just a few customers to highlight after a 40 year run of providing construction and FRP solutions for countless companies. It’s basically like choosing your favorite kid…each customer we’ve partnered with has a special place in…

Manchester Group employees working on floor coating for Alamodome

Why Investing in a Building Envelope Now Will Seal the Future of Your Business

It’s not easy to look at the growing list of improvements you want to make within your company and prioritize funds accordingly for something like, wait for it…floor coatings. You may question if it’s a need or a want. We…

Manchester 1910 Archive

It all Started with a Hate of Kansas

All companies start with a vision and a visionary at the helm of it all. While Tom Manchester started Manchester & Associates, the reason behind it all may surprise you. Barbara Manchester, Tom’s right hand, wife and mother of his…

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